Lettuce Romaine Ballon Seeds

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Renowned, large sweet 'cos'

Large solid heads, crisp crunchy texture and excellent flavour. Grows well in adverse weather conditions.

Outdoors: sow thinly, March-July where they are to crop, 1.5cm (½") deep, directly into finely-prepared, fertile, moisture-retentive soil, which has already been watered. Allow 30cm (1') between rows. Early sowings may benefit from cloche protection. Seedlings usually appear in 7-14 days. Thin out to 20cm (8") apart. Water well until plants are established. Regular sowings, made every two to three weeks, will ensure a continuous supply. Harvest: May-October. For the crispest, freshest heads, pick in the cool of early morning or late evening. Romaine lettuce is the best type for braising as well as use in salads. Average: 1000 seeds